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You Are Better Than Your Worst Days, You Are Stronger Than Your Weakest Moments

Unsplash / Dani Vivanco

Stop sitting at night, replaying all of your awkward minutes in your head. Stop thinking about the ways you have screwed up in the past. Stop selling yourself short, since you’re better than your worst times.

Everyone has stated things they aren’t pleased of stating. Everyone has done things they wish they can erase in their thoughts. Everyone has regrets about what they’ve done and what they’ve neglected to perform.

You can’t allow your worst moments define you. Failing once does not mean you are going to fail every other time you put yourself out there. It does not mean you should quit and go home.

If one individual rejects you, that does not mean you should stop dating indefinitely. If one boss fires you, then that does not mean you should stop working indefinitely. It does not mean you should throw up your hands and say you tried your hardest but it wasn’t good enough. You have to dust yourself off and take another shot.

You can’t allow your doubts stall you. You can’t hide yourself from your bedroom because you’re concerned about history repeating itself.

Whenever something goes wrong, you have to test again. You have to give it a second go. You have to work your ass off to get where you want to wind up.

Don’t allow one bad encounter convince you to give up on yourself. Don’t allow your insecurities chew away your desire to chase your own dreams.  

You have to remember that you’re better than your worst times. You are more powerful than you will ever admit to yourself. You may not see how successful you’re, but ask one of your friends and see what they have to say. They are certain to elevate your spirits, increase your hopes, and raise your expectations on your own.

You are doing better than you give yourself credit for, so stop hating yourself when you ought to be loving yourself.

You are powerful, even when you break down in tears. You are amazing, even when you feel too gross to leave the house. You are going to make something of your self, even though you feel like you continue screwing up every chance that comes your way.

One day, everything will fall into place. Not because the world owes you something. As you’re going to work your ass off till it happens.

You have the guts. You have the dedication. You just can’t quit on your self, even when you’re tempted to stop striving.

However hard life becomes stop acting like the world is against you, since the entire world is in the palm of the hand. You can do whatever you set your heart on — it just won’t happen overnight. It takes time. Patience. Effort.

If you’d like something, you can get it. You are able to make it happen as long as you   never forget that you’re better than your worst times. You are more powerful than your weakest moments.  

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