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While Trump’s bombing, everyone’s googling the same thing

What is going on ?

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If you’ve Googled some terrifying things in the past few weeks, you’re not alone.

Data from Google Trends shows that President Trump’s recent military actions have instilled horror and interest around the world, sparking giant spike in online searches for the term you guessed it “World War III.”

According to the data, searches for World War III reached peak popularity on Google on April 7, the day after Trump ordered a missile ten-strike on a Syrian airfield responding to a chemical weapons attempt that killed at least 70 civilians.

As you can see from the results over the past 30 periods, though the searches spiked the day after the ten-strike, they’ve remained relatively high in the days following, evidencing a lingering distraction as to whether or not Trump strategy on waging a campaign. Or, you are familiar with, if our own impending destiny is upon us.

Image: screengrab/ google trends

Image: screengrab/ google trends

Image: screengrab/ google trends

Widening the search parameters to January shows that this is the first time the search has spiked during Trump’s presidency. But considering the U.S. just dropped a bomb so powerful it was infamously nicknamed the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan on Thursday, reportedly killing 36 ISIS fighters, it might not be the last.

WWIII hunting record over the course of Trump’s presidency.

Image: screengrab/ google trends

Over the past five years the “World War III” search simply spiked in popularity one other period, following the Paris terror attacks that took place in November 2015.

Image: screengrab/ google trends

Though people across the world are clearly curious regarding the situation of campaign in the world today, fluctuating tendency projections of questions like, “What is happening? ” and “Is Trump an moronic? ” evidence the world has been consistently mystified since Trump took office.

Image: screengrab/ google trends

Image: screengrab/ google trends

This is fine.

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