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What each state has Googled more than any other in 2017

2017 was an awful season by almost all measures, a gloomy assembly line of distress that produced one damn atrocity after another. Despite being battered by natural disasters and mass shootings, brave Americans failed muster the will to outside dozens of strong and sexually predatory men. During it all, Americans attempted to make sense of it that the only way they know how: by Googling it.

To create this map of 2017 Google hunts, we compiled a list of the biggest news stories, lists of folks who attracted our attention, actors who passed away, as well as the problems, trends, and events which created Americans pause. Then we ran them all through Google Trends to find out which states hunted for all these things more often than any other state.

We heard Hawaiians were busy exploring Bitcoin and keeping a look out for North Korean nukes; Minnesotans investigated their locally produced creeps; Georgians heard the truth about Usher’s cold sores; and during all of the sound, Mississippi nevertheless found the opportunity to learn how to produce slime.

It was a nightmare of a year, and yet one we’d likely like to forget. Maybe we can take a lesson in New Jersey, that is Googling “2018” over every  other state.

Beneath, you’ll find the things each state hunted for more often than any other state in 2017.

Ryan Nickum/The Daily Dot

ALABAMA: eclipse glasses WalMart / Della Reese (actress/singer who passed in 2017) / Roy Moore allegations / Niger soldiers killed

ALASKA: cryptocurrency / United Airlines meme / / Lady Gaga Super Bowl / What is a dotard? / / John Hurt (celebrity who passed from 2017) / Rick and Morty (TV series) Trump fires Comey / Paris Climate Accord / tax reform bill / USS Fitzgerald crash / covfefe / Susan Sarandon (actress)

ARIZONA: Chester Bennington (singer-songwriter) / Joe Arpaio pardon / Lil Peep (rapper who passed in 2017) / Alyssa Milano me too

ARKANSAS: eye damage from solar panel / everything in tarnation meme / Glenn Campbell (country singer that passed in 2017)

CALIFORNIA: iPhone X / Flynn pardon / UC Berkeley protests / Lil Pump (hip-hop artist) / Best Picture 2018 / DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) / Trump DACA / Brad Bufanda (celebrity who passed from 2017) / Ed Westwick allegations / Brett Ratner allegations / John Conyers allegations / Colin Kaepernick collusion / Wilbur Ross Paradise Papers / John Lasseter allegations

COLORADO: Tour de France / Michael Flynn guilty / Bill O’Reilly allegations / How do I help Puerto Rico

CONNECTICUT: Aaron Boone (MLB director) / Muslim prohibit countries list / Puerto Rico news / Puerto Rico power / opioid addiction / Paul Manafort

DELAWARE: elf about the shelf meme / Mariah Carey (singer) / Roy Halladay (former MLB pitcher that passed in 2017) / Warren Beatty Oscars 2017 / Cosby trial / John McCain cancer

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: / Lupita Nyong’o (actress) / Asia Argento (actress) / Cosby trial verdict / What is sexual harassment? / Anthony Scaramucci (short-lived White House communications manager) / DC shooting 2017 / Uber sexual harassment

FLORIDA: Hurricane Irma / James Comey (former FBI director) / Chelsea Manning (soldier, analyst) / Venezuela coup / Venezuela travel ban / Hurricane Maria / Puerto Rico /

GEORGIA: Georgia unique election / Gregg Allman (singer-songwriter who passed in 2017) / Usher herpes / wiretapping Trump Tower

HAWAII: Bitcoin / How to buy Bitcoin / Matt Lauer accuser / North Korea / Gal Gadot (actress) / Iron Fist (web TV series) / Tabata work out / complicit ((Merriam-Webster’s2 Word of the Year for 2017) George and Amal Clooney Twins / Rob Kardashian revenge porn / North Korea sanctions / Uber hack

IDAHO: Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who

ILLINOIS: calories in a Unicorn Frappuccino / actors accused of sexual assault / NHL winners / Keystone Pipeline leak 2017 / Chicago murder rate / Danny Masterson rape allegations

INDIANA: Paul George (NBA player) / what’s a solar panel? / / Erin Moran (actress who passed in 2017) / / St. Petersburg subway bomb / Navy Seal killed in Yemen stunt / Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive

IOWA: internet neutrality / Keurig boycott

KANSAS: Samsung Galaxy S6 / National Anthem protests / The number of mass shootings in 2017 / Louis CK allegations

KENTUCKY: How to see Mayweather vs McGregor free / Harry Dean Stanton (celebrity who passed in 2017) / Ashley Judd / Ashley Judd address

LOUISIANA: Robert Guillaume (celebrity who passed in 2017) / Fats Domino (musician who passed in 2017) / Al Sharpton selfie

MAINE: monkey selfie / Sam Shepard (playwright who passed in 2017) / Martin Landau (celebrity who passed in 2017) / Charlie Rose allegations / Blake Farenthold pajamas / #MeToo / me too / Mueller investigation / transgender rights / Michael Flynn immunity

MARYLAND: Meghan Markle (actress engaged to Prince Harry) / Nadia Toffa (Italian TV presenter) / Kaia Gerber selfie / recuse (Merriam-Webster’s1 of the Year for 2017) / Mugabe resigns / Russell Simmons allegations / Jeremy Piven allegations / Danica Roem ring / Trump inauguration crowd size / Usain Bolt last race / Confederate statues significance / Time’s Person of the Year

MASSACHUSETTS: March for Science / Ariana Grande (singer) / Ed Sheeran (singer-songwriter) / Boston free speech rally / Joyner Lucas (hip-hop artist) / Ben Affleck rehabilitation / Mario Batali sexual harassment / Super Bowl champs / Kushner investigation / South Sudan famine / transgender toilet law / Grenfell Tower fire / Yemen famine

MICHIGAN: symptoms of eye damage from eclipse / Can North Korea launching a missile today? / Giuliani Muslim prohibit / human trafficking / giant penguin (prehistoric penguin bones as tall as a human found in New Zealand)

MINNESOTA: Mary Tyler Moore (actress who passed in 2017) / sexual misconduct / Al Franken allegations / Leeann Tweeden Al Franken / Garrison Keillor allegations

MISSISSIPPI: How to Earn slime? / / Cardi B (hip-hop artist) / Get Out (2017 movie) / Janet Jackson infant / Donald Trump LaVar Ball / Nelly arrested

MISSOURI: St. Louis protests / Jeremy Piven allegations

MONTANA: Lady Gaga (singer-songwriter) / Russia investigation / wildfire / Sean Spicer resigns

NEBRASKA: Harvey Weinstein accusers

NEVADA: iPhone 8 / Las Vegas shooting / Mayweather vs McGregor fight / Linkin Park (band) / Floyd Mayweather Jr. / dotard (Merriam-Webster’s Number5 Word of the Year for 2017) / Ralphie May (comic who passed in 2017) / Jerry Lewis (comedic actor who passed in 2017) / Adam West (celebrity who passed in 2017) / Selena Gomez kidney transplant / Kylie Jenner pregnant / United passenger dragged off airplane / Colin Kaepernick

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Matt Lauer allegations / Sally Yates fired / How to Earn solar eclipse glasses / Tom Petty (musician who passed in 2017) / SpongeBob mocking meme / Malcolm Young (AC/DC guitarist who passed in 2017) / Roy Dotrice (celebrity who passed in 2017) / Kevin Spacey allegations / opioid crisis / Paradise Papers / Presidential pardon

NEW JERSEY: Iota (cryptocurrency) / 13 Reasons Why (TV series) / Frank Vincent (celebrity who passed in 2017) / John Heard (celebrity who passed in 2017) / Qatar blockade / #MeToo motion / Don Rickles (comic who passed in 2017) / Dustin Hoffman allegations / Kurdish referendum outcomes / Manafort indictment

NEW MEXICO: Samsung Galaxy S*

NEW YORK: Harvey Weinstein (American movie producer/sexual misconduct) / German federal election / Rose McGowan (actress) / Jeffrey Tambor allegations / obstruction of justice Trump / Rebel Wilson defamation / Iranian presidential election / Martin Shkreli jailed / Anthony Weiner sentenced / French election / Emmanuel Macron (French president) / Presidential pardon limits

NORTH CAROLINA: Why was Bill O’Reilly fired?

NORTH DAKOTA: immunity / bump fire stock (gun attachment used by Las Vegas shooter) / / Xbox One X (video game console) / What is DACA? / / syzygy (Merriam-Webster’s #6 Word of the Year for 2017) / Glenne Headly (actress who passed in 2017) / Judge Joseph Wapner (Judge about The People’s Court who passed in 2017) / Slobodan Praljak (war criminal who informed himself in courtroom) / Equifax hack

OHIO: Trump travel ban blocked / Otto Warmbier / Ken Doll guy bun / U bum (LeBron James converse about Trump)

OKLAHOMA: Bill Paxton (celebrity) / Hugh Hefner (Playboy writer) / Nia Jax selfie / Patty Jenkins (manager) / Serena Williams infant pics

OREGON: Olivia Newton-John cancer / Harvey Weinstein allegations / Julia Louis Dreyfus breast cancer

PENNSYLVANIA: This Is Us (TV series) / Meek Mill prison / What are Beyonce twins names? / Mario Batali allegations / Trump transgender military prohibit / Putin Trump handshake

RHODE ISLAND: Matt Lauer (TV host/sexual misconduct) / / Aaron Hernandez (deceased NFL player) / TRX work out / Chuck Low (celebrity who passed in 2017) / Prodigy dies (rapper who passed in 2017) / Pepsi Kendall Jenner ad / Where’s Richard Simmons? (fitness instructor)

SOUTH CAROLINA: eclipse glasses / bungee workout / R. Kelly Buzzfeed / Who’s George Papadopoulos

SOUTH DAKOTA: Where’s Guam about the map? / Mariah Carey New Years functionality / What is web neutrality? / / Christopher “Big Black” Boykin (reality TV celebrity who passed in 2017) / Katch Griffin Donald Trump photograph / Tiger Woods mugshot / Amazon buys Whole Foods / Oumuamua (interstellar asteroid being investigated for signs of alien technology)

TENNESSEE: Where to buy solar panel glasses? / / Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” wages / Aaron Carter mugshot / Obamacare skinny repeal / Stanley Cup / white supremacist rally

TEXAS: World Series / Hurricane Harvey / Who will be the Rohingya? / toilet bill

UTAH: Nintendo Alter (video game console) / Wonder Woman (2017 movie) / Beauty and the Beast (2017 movie) / Justice League (2017 movie) / Stranger Things (web TV series) / Gordon Hayward injury movie (NBA player) / Riverdale (TV series) / Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017 movie) / Taylor Swift (singer-songwriter) /

VERMONT: impeachment / Louis C.K. (comedian/sexual misconduct) / cash me out meme / Michael Flynn (former national security advisor) / feminism (Merriam-Webster’s #1 Word of the Year for 2017) / empathy (Merriam-Webster’s4 Word of the Year for 2017) / June Foray (voice actor who passed in 2017) / women’s rights / Trump speech Boy Scouts / UK election

VIRGINIA: Charlottesville protests / independence vote Catalonia / George Foreman Steven Seagal (Foreman contested Seagal to a struggle) / Danica Roem (Virginia politician)

WASHINGTON: Chris Cornell (musician) / Unicorn Frappuccino / Chris Pratt Anna Faris divorce / Shohei Otani (Japanese baseball player) / Westminster Bridge attack / Daniel-Day Lewis retires / Trump approval rating / white supremacy / Mogadishu burst / Vault 7 WikiLeaks

WEST VIRGINIA: Bill Skarsgård (Swedish celebrity) / How to earn a fidget spinner / Jason Aldean (singer-songwriter) / eclipse selfie / What is ANTIFA? / Jennifer Garner divorce / Quebec mosque attack / Bill O’Reilly fired / Confederate statues

WISCONSIN: Tony Romo announcer (former NFL QB turned announcer) / Russia banned from Olympics 2018 / Randy Bryce

WYOMING: Solar Panels / Meryl Streep (actress) / ANTIFA / anti-fascism (political ideology) / Murphy CrossFit workout / coup in Turkey / Alyssa Milano (actress) / Otto Warmbier coma / Yemen raid

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