The 64 most memorable lines from Donald Trump’s Alabama speech

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Washington (CNN)When President Donald Trump chose the point in Alabama on Friday night to rally support for Sen. Luther Strange, you can tell he was in the mood to make some noise — and some information.

And, as he almost always does in these situations, Trump played perfectly to type — providing the 80-minute rambling defense of his administration using a series of asides, tangents, stories and I-probably-shouldn’t-say-this-but-I-will-anyway-isms.
I moved through the whole address and picked out the 64 lines that stood out to me personally. They are below.
    1. “I really like this place. And you know we place every record in Alabama.”
    It is not totally clear what exact records Trump is speaking to this. It could be a record for largest crowd to attend a political rally? Those records aren’t really kept. He claimed, to attend any political rally at the effort to date although Trump did state that 32,000 people attended his rally in February 2016 — the audience. Local authorities estimated the crowd as half of the size Trump explained. Trump could have also been referring to the raw number of votes he got in the state as a record? He received 1,318,255 — more than any previous nominee.
    2. “You’ve got some soccer games tomorrow.”
    True! Alabama plays with Vanderbilt in Nashville. Auburn plays Missouri in Columbia.
    3. “He’s only been around for, what, 34 decades or something like this, right?”
    Trump is speaking here in Alabama Republican Sen. Rich Shelby, who undoubtedly loves the fact that the President educated a big crowd of folks who do not love Washington politicians who Shelby has been in office for more than three decades.
    4. “He’s doing a good job. He is doing a good job.”
    That can be Trump on Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The guy he called “beleaguered.” The guy he called an “idiot.” The guy he said should resign after Sessions recused himself against the Russia probe along with a special counsel was produced to take care of the investigation. Same dude.
    5. “It is going to happen. It is going to take place. Quickly. Better.”
    Trump about the attempts to rebuild after the hurricanes that struck Texas and Florida. Things will be reconstructed. Better. And quickly. Quickly better. Better quickly.
    6. “We will take care of the terrible people.”
    Tougher. Stronger. Better. (Trump did not make clear how we will care for the poor people.)
    7. “We will win. Believe me.”
    Well, I am positive!
    8. “Rocket Man should have been treated a long time ago.”
    9. “This should have been handled eight decades back and four decades back and, honestly, and 15 decades back and 28 decades back and 25 decades back”
    Twenty eight decades back, Kim Jong Un was 5.
    10. “Little Rocket Man.”
    “Mars ain’t the type of place to raise your kids / In reality, it’s cold as hell.”
    11. “He is watching us just like he never watched anybody before. That I will tell you.”
    The shaky dictator of a rogue state is watching the US more tightly than ever before. That is, in accordance with Trump logic, a thing that is good.
    12. “Maybe something gets worked out. And maybe it does not.”
    Many people today say we will have another world war with nuclear weaponized countries. Others do not. I can’t wait to see how this cliffhanger finishes!
    13. “Well, maybe something gets worked out and maybe it does not.”
    Yes, you literally just said that.
    14. “Nobody is going to mess with our individuals. Nobody is going to play games.”
    Trump likes to play tough guy. He loves to insist that nothing is going to happen to the US while he’s in charge. And that all our enemies — and even some of our longtime allies — need to be awakened to how there is a new sheriff in town.
    15. “I left a friend in China.”
    Great to hear. Friends are a good thing. Maybe the best thing.
    16. “He can be smart. He may be strategic. And he may be totally crazy.”
    17. “I have a lot of friends. And a number of them say, ‘Do you mind if I go to the candidate?’ Truly, you can.”
    This starts a looooong narrative Trump tells about his or her devotion. But the President starts the story by noting that a lot of his buddy are for Roy Moore — and he’s totally fine with this!
    18. “I am on the phone yelling at people all day long, for weeks.”
    It is difficult to imagine why Trump’s lobbying efforts on the very first repeal and replace invoice didn’t work …
    19. “This was a totally unexpected thing. Terrible. Honestly, terrible.”
    Trump on McCain killing the last repeal and replace effort. Worth. And that Trump has praised him as a patriot for returning in the summer to take part.
    20. “I said when I lose this election, maybe I will wind up moving to Alabama or Kentucky.”
    The odds of Donald Trump ever moving to Alabama and Kentucky are about the same as the odds of Kentucky beating Alabama in soccer this season.

      Trump: You’d turn over your rifles to Clinton

    21. “If Crooked Hillary got chosen, you would not have a 2nd Amendment, consider me.”
    Trump knows this isn’t correct. Clinton, in the effort, said these specific words: “I don’t want to repeal the 2nd Amendment.” He said the exact same thing throughout the effort regardless of truth check after reality test calling it a lie. What Trump is doing is purposefully currently playing on conservatives’ fears that Democrats would outlaw firearms if they had the chance.
    22. “You got to speak to Jeff Sessions about that.”
    As Trump riffed about the false thought that Clinton could have seized all firearms in the country, the audience began the now-familiar “Lock her Up!” chant. To which Trump responded that they’d have to speak about that to the nation’s top law enforcement official. Good times.
    23. “So with Luther, I’ve got a list, and among the titles is Luther Strange.”
    Trump STILL hasn’t told that the Luther Strange narrative he assured about 1,000 words back.
    24. “I really don’t know him. I met him once.”
    Trump’s lack of a connection with Strange is an odd point to highlight given that Trump is at Alabama telling folks to vote for the incumbent senator.
    25. “This is actually the tallest human being I’ve ever noticed. I’m tall, I’ve never noticed that. Should be about the New York Knicks.”
    Trump, as he likes to remind you, is fairly tall in 6-foot-2. (Same height as me!) Unusual is 6-foot-9. Kristaps Porzi the Knicks’ player, is 7-foot-3.
    26. “That is why I call him Big Luther. Everybody is calling him Big Luther.”
    Trump, contrary to his statement, didn’t come up with the “Large Luther.” Unusual has been known as “Large Luther” because at least his 2010 effort for Alabama attorney general.
    27. “Well, Mr. President, would you have dinner with my wife, myself, my loved ones, my uncles, my cousins, and that I love to speak to you about it?”
    The full impact of the quote has to be seen, not heard. Trump seems to be impacting a southern accent as he recounts the he is spoken to by members of Congress who are wavering on health care when he predicts. Trump is not a mimic.
    28. “They love you and they want to have dinner with you. They want to have breakfast with lunch and you. Then, after you’re finished with them, how about we will go out for a picnic someplace on the White House lawn.”
    Trump describing another conversation with a senator who desired him to have a series of meals with their loved ones who love him before voting for health care. And, yes, Trump was kind of performing the southern accent here.
    29. “I think his wife is excellent, but I said, ‘Do I have to have dinner with you and your wife?”
    Look, I love Mrs. Strange. I just have absolutely no interest in getting dinner. Like, none.
    30. “That was, for example, really dreadful thing. Honestly. This has been a horrible, horrible thing that happened to the Republican Party.”
    Trump is back to McCain and his “no” vote in “3 in the morning.”
    31. “He does not even know Mitch McConnell. He was just there for a few months, and they place that moan round his neck.”
    32. “I see he’s down at the race with a good deal, and I said, ‘Man, that is really unfair.'”
    Trump is putting himself up as the Unusual savior here. Man, he got doors ignored but that I swooped in and he’s back to be aggressive. [pats self on back repeatedly]
    33. “The last thing I would like to do is participate with a primary, OK? I could be sitting home right now getting to watch a few of the games tomorrow.”
    Kind of a bizarre thing to mention, no?
    34. “I think you’re going to come back and kick everyone’s butt and you’re going to do good.”
    Presidential! Connected: I am just good at two things in this lifetime: being snarky and Kicking butt. And I am almost all from snarky …
    35. “The worst. Fake news. They won’t show this. Last night, they’ll say, Donald Trump spoke before a audience in Alabama. It was a small audience.”
    Cable TV always shows the shots of Trump’s crowds — including last night. But why let facts get in the way as soon as you’re able to throw red meat to the audience?
    36. “Very unenthusiastic audience”
    At the second paragraph of the CNN story on the rally, the audience is described as “raucous.” So …
    37. “But they do not show the audience.”
    [narrator voice] They do.

      Trump: Media assaulted Melania over her sneakers

    38. “They said she wore high heels, going to go into the flooding with her high heels. But she has become extremely popular.”
    Trump is right about it. Some in the press did make a big deal out of the fact Melania Trump was photographed wearing high heels to get on the airplane to visit Hurricane Harvey’s victims and Houston. But she changed to tennis shoes — which makes the whole “she is out of touch!” Thing a misfire. Connected: Melania Trump is the most popular Trump, but that is not just a massive accomplishment.
    39. “And that I might have made a mistake. And I will be frank, I might have made a mistake.”
    That is totally outstanding. Trump admits he might have made a mistake while in a last-minute effort rally for Strange. Yes, really.
    40. “And I told Luther, I have to say this, if his opponent wins, I’m going to be here campaigning like hell for him.”
    See, so that I probably should not have left this Unusual endorsement because when he loses, people will say it’s bad for me. Since I will campaign for Roy Moore however, I actually don’t really care. Same difference!
    41. “Missile shield, you know, when you hear those two words.”
    Trump is providing an ode to missile defense here. In addition, he says how important those words are.
    42. “As long as I am president, you will have so much money spent here.”
    Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp!
    43. “I think we won due to the army. I think we won due to the vets. I think we won because of the evangelicals.”
    In truth, he won due to the white working class vote in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
    44. “And he won’t only be good, but he will be the greatest senator at the history of the United States.”
    Vote for Unusual! He’s tall! Trump does love to find a great record broken — especially.
    45. “Shelby is fairly tall also, by the way.”
    The Web does not seem to know how tall Richard Shelby is. But having seen him in person I’m going to ballpark it.
    46. “Four-star marine. That is great.”
    Trump loves his generals — notably the heavily decorated ones (such as John Kelly, who he’s talking about here) or ones with cool nicknames such as James “Mad Dog” Mattis, who is Trump’s secretary of defense.
    47. “The wall is occurring, people. Believe me.”
    Can it be though? Is Mexico still paying for it, or nah?
    48. “So you’ve got the walls. That is what I do. That is what I do. That is what I really do.”
    Donald Trump: He does cement walls best.
    49. “They’ve catapults. They toss it over the wall, and it lands and it hit someone on the head.”
    Um, what? Drug dealer catapults is a thing today?
    50. “I can tweet, ‘This was a false narrative, boom, boom, boom.'”
    The Trump presidency, in 1 quote.

      Trump: I want NFL owners respected US flag

    51. “Would not you love to see one of these NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field at the moment. He is fired. He’s fired!'”
    This remark — as you might guess! — has generated a large amount of controversy. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement rejecting the comments divisive of Trump. And also a range of notable NFL players have also responded; “The behaviour of the President is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with,” tweeted Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. “If you don’t Condemn this divisive Rhetoric you’re Condoning it!!”
    52. “Total disrespect of our legacy, a complete disrespect of everything that we stand for. Everything that we stand for.”
    Interesting use of “our legacy” here.
    53. “They’re destroying the game, right? The game is being ruined by them. Look, that is what they want to do. They want to hit. They want to hit.”
    Trump comes down firmly on the side of those who want soccer to continue on as it always has — despite the overwhelming evidence that the game is creating a generation of men using CTE and other brain disorders.
    54. “You know what is hurting the game more than that? When folks enjoy yourselves turn on tv and you find those folks taking the knee when they are enjoying our great national anthem.”
    There is very little real evidence that suggests the handful of players struggling to stand during the national anthem has a negative impact on TV evaluations.
    55. “Isn’t it a little bizarre when a guy who lives on 5th Avenue at the very beautiful apartment you’ve ever seen comes to Alabama and Alabama loves that guy?”
    This is weird! Also, “most beautiful flat.”
    56. “Did people call you Big Luther before he met Trump? You know, I brand folks.”
    [narrator voice] Yes, they did.
    57. “The electoral college is a very special thing.”
    The election was 319 days ago.
    58. “To me, winning the popular vote is easier.”
    The election was 319 days ago.

      Trump: No, Russia did not assist me acquire

    59. “I call it the Russian hoax. One of the great hoaxes.”
    The FBI, CIA, NSA and the former Director of National Intelligence all say Russia not just tried to intervene in our election but did so to assist Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton.
    60. “Any Russians in the audience? Are there some Russians in the audience? I really don’t see too many Russians.”
    That is actually the standard Trump debate against the idea of Russia participation in the election. But that is not the claim! The claim is that Russians — through a variety of ways — sought to affect the narrative around the 2 candidates and poor for Clinton. It is totally meaningless if there are any Russians in the crowd in an Alabama audience.
    61. “Look at all those red lights. Ay yai yai. It is always enjoyable to find a red light.”
    Trump is talking about the lights on the TV cameras that show they are broadcasting him. Trump LOVES to be on TV.
    62. “If I have to wait for 2 seconds, I go crazy.”
    Donald Trump on patience.
    63. “I am taking a major risk because if Luther does not make it, they will go after me.”
    This Alabama election, like all things, is about Donald Trump very first, second and last.
    64. “Thank you, Alabama. I love you. Thank you. I love you, Alabama.”
    And, in conclusion, thank you Alabama. And I love you. But mostly let you know. Also, I love you.

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