Study finds a ‘surprising’ number of Macs running incorrect firmware so update to High Sierra now

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You Must Update to High Sierra now.

Image: lili sams/mashable

If you have a Mac and have not upgraded to the newest High Sierra OS, your system may be exposed to risks like Thunderstrike, a malware attack which passes through your computer’s Thunderbolt port.

Researchers in Duo Security published a white newspaper today explaining the potential issues, that was first detected by 9to5Mac. The firm examined 73,324 Mac computers and discovered that, on average, 4.2 percentage of these weren’t running the proper firmware, leaving the systems vulnerable to cyber attacks. Fortunately for customers, the vulnerabilities aren’t thought to be as insecure for home users as per a Duo blog article summarizing the newspaper — but you should continue to be sure that you’re running the ideal firmware.  

Though Apple has released security updates to protect against Thunderstrike attacks, the researchers discovered that the essential updates were applied.

At the most extreme cases, the researchers found that 43 percent of programs for just one particular model, a 21.5-inch iMac from late 2015, was running wrong firmware. The firm known as the size of the discrepancy between the firmware variations they expected to find and people that they did “sudden,” because the latest version of firmware should be automatically installed with other OS updates.  

Duo is presently releasing safety tools to help users check whether they are running a variant of the firmware with almost any known vulnerabilities. The firm recommends updating to the latest version of Apple’s MacOS. Apple said in a statement to Ars Technica that its most recent launch, macOS High Sierra, automatically validates Mac firmware to a weekly basis — so if you’re concerned about the vulnerabilities, you need to set up the new OS when possible.

For users with older computers which can’t be updated Duo recommends ditching the device and updating to a new one.     Like any other system, nevertheless High Sierra has its own  vulnerabilities. A researcher already found a way to steal user passwords inside the new working system, and others will likely be surfaced later on. So keep your software updated.    

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