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Picture: netflix

Smell that air? Feel that breeze? Wearing a coat? That’s right, dummy. It is October.

And since it’s October, you would like to watch horror films, do not you? You know Netflix has a great deal of random-ass horror films just leaking out of its pores, but you’ve already seen the fantastic notable ones such as The Babadook and It Follows. You need something new, something new, something that you can expect to be decent.  

Well, buddy, I’m here.  

Much like I’d last year, I scoured the bottom of this Netflix bucket to find out whether there were any terror films worth my time. Value your time. And among there exists some good horror films. Whether foreign independent, or not recognized, these pictures succeed in providing the best of scares that this year demands. And I’ve found them.  

You are welcome.  

Again, these are not last year’s selections, a lot of which have sadly stopped streaming on the dominant platform.  

That you descend upon this is a batch of terror. These pictures are verifiably great or good and diverse or fantastic.  

Without further ado, here is exactly what the fruit of my job hath wrought for the soul that is famished:  

1. The Void 

Picture: D Pictures

The Void speaks to almost every feature of the horror films I most love. It’s a cast, a setting that is small consequences, and an number.  

After stumbling upon some strange ritual, two drug addicts flee to a very rural hospital for security. What they discover are some harried doctors drama involving a hospital worker and a cop, and a group of cloaked, cultish figures. Tragedy ensues.

This film definitely wants to nod to old school favorites such as The Item, using its mix of creature design and super-visceral visuals. But in addition, it embodies a great deal of hallowed mythos ripped straight from the tales of H.P. Lovecraft. Eldritch ghastliness expects those who wish to grab a glimpse into The Void.

2. Under the Shadow

Picture: netflix

So talk about this Iran-Iraq War?

This conflict, which lasted from 1980 to 1988, is the setting for this take on the haunted house film, and price the world about a half a million lives. As her husband is called to go fight on the front lines from 29, set in Iran’s capital Tehran, a mom is left alone with her daughter. Only a few years after the Iranian Revolution was squashed by spiritual leaders, the main character must conceal her anxieties about today’s world and her liberal trends from everyone around her, including her daughter. It doesn’t help that her apartment tower is in the crosshairs of bombings. And it surely doesn’t help when a goddam djinn decides to haunt the hell out of them.

Not merely is given a feeling of this anxiety that existed in this time, but also reveals the grief of a broken family by this film, and them can rip apart.    

It is a film in a real life sense, although it’s not exactly a film in a horror sense. I really like it.  

3. The Devil’s Candy

Picture: IFC Midnight

If you enjoy horror films, there is a likely chance that you’ve listened to metal, right?

Sure, this doesn’t apply to everybody, however if you’re looking for a film that wants to tepidly explore what happens when a family of alloy heads buys a mysterious house, The Devil’s Candy is the film for you.

This is not the most gratifying of films, but it has some interesting things to explore. It is dumb or never campy in the way that another film landing on alloy and the devil’s junction are. The fantastic performances, the tone it sets, and the places it belongs is well worth your time.

4. Starry Eyes

Picture sky films

At the beginning of Starry Eyes, I thought I knew where it was going.  

You have got an audition that promises all that and much more, and a desperate, wanting to make her mark in Hollywood. But boy, for each and every turn I thought this picture was going to take, it took the opposite. From a brief description, Starry Eyes could so easily be regarded as a voyeuristic perspective of a woman’s slip into depravity, but the final result is so far better and more bizarre than that.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to ascertain whether this challenging starlet’s journey takes her to a place that is stronger, or dreadful.

5. I’m the Pretty Things that Lives in the Home

Picture: Netflix

A young nurse moves in with an elderly charge within an old house that is rural, and, wouldn’t you know it things start happening.  

The thing you most need to know about I’m the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House is the fact that it’s VERY, VERY slow. This doesn’t disturb me. I love this.

The next thing that you need to know about this long-titled film is that it ends on an unresolved note. Again, I’m not bothered by this. I enjoy the journey, not the destination.

Ultimately, this film does a wonderful job of making a scene all the more unhinged with the occasional creak and the sporadic passing. Should you rather love SLOW horror films (and I do), this is the own jam.  

6. Abbatoir

Picture: momentum pictures

This is the weakest film on this list, but do not hit it from the queue yet.

OK. So. You have got a girl whose sister just expired a death in the hands of an apologetic murderer. And, upon returning to the scene of the crime a few days later, she finds that the actual room is just, kinda, gone.

She hunts for any replies. And the answer is not at all what she, or you, will think that it is. Abattoir becomes strange after the first third, SUPER strange after the next third, and entirely WTF with the final third.

Again, this will not be on very top of anyone’s lists. Still, it was fun to see the entire item unspool.

7. A Dark Song

Picture: IFC Midnight

A Dark Song will stand as my favorite new discovery on this listing.

In very rural England, a woman that is very private rents a house in which to hold a occult ritual for six months. A Dark Song follows that story.

Restricted setting Tiny cast, and a lot of quietude prior to the terror begins ratcheting up to a frenzy? Chef’s kiss. A Dark Song has many layers that slowly unfurl and the route that is necessary to get to its final form is a silently terrifying one.

This picture is subdued, eccentric, and I think to what we think of as compassion, it adds a deep wrinkle. It surveys humanity seeking to wrestle with the unknown of what occurs when we brush up against it, and exactly what occurs when we request something from it and also the consequences. Those answers are even harder to obtain the answers and hard to ask.  

This picture questions the dire warning of repercussions, the supposition of need, and the fact of reality. Loved it.

8. The Den

Picture: ifc midnight

The Den signifies a growing sub-genre of horror films, one that attracts the worst cyber security anxieties to life.  

A student can be thrust into an case of terror when someone sends it, records her into a compromising action, and hacks her pc camera.  

The blackmail transforms to a nightmare of violence and gore. All in all, it makes for a horror film that is pretty good, although it maybe leans a motif.  

Do not forget to tape over your laptop camera.  

9. Tales of Halloween

Picture: Epic images

First of all, this is really a film.  

It is an anthology of 10 different interwoven stories, directed by 10 different directors, based around Halloween in a sleepy town, a la Trick ‘r Treat. This kind of mass collection definitely invites some unevenness in the entire product, but if there is one thing you can count on, it’s having a fantastic time.  

Tales of Halloween‘s stories are silly to violent to scary to deadass dumb. In observing this holiday in the strangest way possible, but all along the way, the tone revels.  

You are going to have fun with this one, if you enjoy horror films.

10. The Presence (Die Präesanz)

Picture: Netflix

Just to get it out of the way, The Presence is a found-footage haunted house film.

I am aware that that specific sub-genre is rife with subpar trash not worth the drive space on. But something about this film that is German, where an ghost hunter takes his initially-excited girlfriend and a buddy to a spoooooooky castle, represents the best of what this sub-genre can do. It is true that the actual plotting of this movie might follow a route that is predictable. But will leave you haunted and nervous of what’s going to come next.

Before the 500th Paranormal Activity sequel ruins what discovered footage terror can do for you, see The Presence. It just might revive your faith.

11. The Bar   

Picture: netflix

Anything can happen, when eight individuals find themselves trapped by their own anxiety in a pub, after seeing a man perish beyond the exit.

That’s the promise and mostly the execution of this Spanish film The Tavern. What begins as a ensemble cast bewildered by the events taking place mere feet away from them, turns to an all-out paranoia bonanza because tempers flare, suspicions rage, and violence begets violence.

It is mostly great. Things get weird until you know may be unfolding, and the pacing requires the proper time. Only in the final action does the film get unhinged, and not in a way that was great. The murky ethics and perplexing narrative, that make the film’s beginning so enjoyable, gets stripped down into a small disappointing climax. Still, The Tavern is a journey you’ll most likely wish to take.

12. Clown

Picture: dimension films

Before writer/director Jon Watts produced the very well received blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming, he created a very creepy film named Clown.

Check this assumption: A realtor performs to the pleasure of everyone at his son’s birthday celebration and finds that a clown suit in a house he is sellingafter it’s around, he discovers the suit can’t be removed by him. Tell me that’s not creepy. I dare you.

What follows is a story of genuine terror, in which the main character learns what’s happened and what he starts to wish to do to other people.  

This is a gut punch of a horror film, even though it has a few moments of goofiness. And how Watts shoot the film, in a style, makes the entire thing so much more compelling.

13. XX

Picture: magnet releasing

As that picture up there hints, XX is a anthology picture of four short films by four women writer/directors. And it is totally worth your time.

Much like Tales of Halloween, an assortment in this way contributes to some inconsistency. Two of these shorts are superb, and two of them are just pretty great. The law of averages says that you should watch this movie? Here, I’ll sweeten the offer.

The first short, titled “The Box” written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic based off a story by Jack Ketchum, is complete stop among the most haunting and frightening horror stories I have seen in many decades. And it does it all with basically no gore and no violence. It plants a question from the watcher’s head and lets it fester, lets it take origin with is this veritable redwood screaming into the emptiness and extending out of your head.

The story is a culmination. Along with also the things that come between it also deserve to be seen. Go do this.

14. Dig Two Graves

Picture: area 23a  

And here we’ve got what is most likely the least scary film on this list, however I still assert that it should be watched by you.  

Dig Two Graves is a ghost story, a resurrection story, and a making-deals-with-the-devil story all wrapped in a single lovingly shot film. When a small town girl promises to jump off a ledge to a quarry with her brother, reneges on the deal, and watches her brother sink without even coming up, things all about her take a turn. Slowly, but surely, she starts the (maybe metaphorical) procedure for selling her soul, while her troubled grandfather attempts to maneuver her towards an ethical ideal that remains super blurry.  

And all you can do is see as this movie’s moral compass waxes and wanes and hope not to get swallowed by the flame.  

15. Raw

Picture: Focus world

Raw is one of the absolute best films of 2017, terror or otherwise (technically published abroad in 2016, but only made it stateside this year).

It follows an embarrassing girl, elevated strictly vegetarian, as she enters her first year in veterinary school. Included in this hazing process that was rough, she is made to eat meat. That small bit gives a taste for so much more to her.  

Raw unspools in mad ways that you really never see coming. It is a story about family play, self-discovery, and also the limitations of self control. It is a hallucinatory film that makes you think that the character is dreaming, but no more, it’s all really happening. Such. A. Good. Movie.  

I’m sure I didn’t get all of Netflix’s hidden terror gems on this listing. I’m only one person and I only have so many hours in one day. But if you’re a horror fan, I’m sure you’re going to locate something on this listing to creep you out this October.  

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