People’s Climate March: thousands rally to denounce Trump’s environmental agenda

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Hundreds of marchings maintained all over the US introduced in Washington DC, Seattle, Boston and San Francisco

Thousands of people across the US have paraded in rain, snowfall and sweltering heat to demand activity on climate change mass proteststhat coincided with president Donald Trumps 100 th period in agency and took is targeted at his agenda for rolling back environmental protections.

A sea of objectors taking part in the Peoples Climate March crowded in front of the White House to demand Trump rethink plans to reverse the climate change policies.

Organisers said about 300 sister marchings or rallies were placed on hold all over the country, introduced in Seattle, Boston and San Francisco.

A wet spring snow fell in Denver, where several hundred activists posed in the shape of a giant thermometer for a photograph and a dozen people go stationary bikes to strength the loudspeakers. In Chicago, a rain-soaked gang of thousands of people manager from the citys federal plaza to Trump Tower.

Amy Guerrieri, of Fort Collins, Colorado, wears a home-made model of soil and participates in a climate change awareness procession and rallying, in Denver. Photograph: Brennan Linsley/ AP

In Washington, as temperatures rose above 90 F, tens of thousands of people paraded from the reasons for their the US Capitol and extended the White House en route to the Washington Monument for a rally.

Participants on Saturday said they object to Trumps rollback of restrictions on mining, oil drilling and greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plant, among other things.

Many of the objectors carried signs with mottoes such as The seas are rising and so are we and Dont be a fossil sucker. As the procession extended the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, marchers booed and chanted shame.

While a good-natured mood persisted and there were no signs of violence, many demonstrators said they were angered by the prospect of Trump carrying through on his pledge to roll back shields put in place by his predecessor Barack Obama.

Were going to rise up and let them know that were sick and tired of reading our children die of asthma, announced Reverend Leo Woodberry of Florence, South Carolina, who spoke at a press conference held before the procession. Were sick and tired of reading people with cancer because of coal ash ponds. Were sick and tired of reading sea-level rise.

Elsewhere, more than 2,000 people gathered at the Maine State House in Augusta. Speakers included a lobsterman, a solar corporation proprietor and representatives from the Penobscot Nation tribe.

Ive met firsthand the impacts of climate change to not only the Gulf of Maine, but also to our evolving fisheries, and to the coastal communities that depend upon them, announced lobsterman Richard Nelson of Friendship, Maine.

People in the crowd spoke about the importance of addressing climate change to industries such as renewable energy, forestry, farming and seafood.

Trumps administration is considering withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, which more than 190 countries including the United States signed in hopes of curbing global warming. Trump has also proposed deep gashes for the Environmental Protection Agency and the elimination of many environmental regulations.

In his campaign, Trump called climate change a hoax. Last month he retained a promise to the coal industry by untying climate-change rules put in place by Obama.

The US protests took place during the same day as similar demonstrations in Britain, Europe and Australia.

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