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Motorola’s Moto X4 has some pretty intelligent dual cameras

Image: motorola

The Moto X is back — but it’s no longer the colorful and customizable Android smartphone it formerly was.

After hop-skip last year, Motorola is dragging the Moto X series out of hiatus and freshening it with the new Moto X4 at the IFA tech show in Berlin.

The Moto X used to be Motorola’s top-of-the-line smartphone — its most premium hardware married with the Moto Maker, an online portal that let you personalize your phone by choosing colours, substances, and even customized boot-up screens.

But that’s all in the past now because the Moto X4 appears just like every another Android phone with a metal glass sandwich intend that tries to be borne in mind that it’s not make use of Samsung.

Sure, there are a few differences here and there, but the Moto X4 is yet another reminder that we’ve reached peak telephone intend. Even Apple’s next-gen iPhone will return to a metal and glass construction.

Maybe that’s not a bad thing and for some people since the Moto X4 is more affordable( 399 Euros) than buying an iPhone or Samsung just for intend. But it only shapes me miss the old-fashioned Moto X telephones even more.

Image: motorola

Uninspired design aside, the Moto X4 has some pretty solid specs, even for a midrange telephone. The screen quantifies 5.2 -inches( 1,920 x 1,080 resolution) that is not quite as large as a OnePlus 5, but a little better than Sony’s only announced 4.6 -inch Xperia XZ 1 Compact.

The phone’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, 3GB or 4GB of RAM( are dependent upon your region ), 32 GB or 64 GB of storage( also varies by country ), and a 3,000 mAh battery.

Motorola’s also included a fingerprint sensor incorporated into the residence button( an essential feature that even Sony retains failing to include in its more premium brand-new telephones in the U.S .) and a microSD card slot for expanding storage up to 2TB.

The Moto X4 is likewise IP68 ocean and dust-resistance — because we’re still stupid enough to use our phones on the lavatory and near water.

Smarter, more intelligent cameras

One mobile trend I am happy to see make it onto the Moto X4 is its dual cameras. There’s a 12 -megapixel main camera and 8-megapixel secondary camera with an ultra-wide 120 -degree field of view located on the instead oversized protrusion on the back.

These two cameras are more similar to the setup on LG’s G6 and brand-new V30, but they also have the ability to blur out the background for more professional-looking hits, like on iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve yet to test the cameras out in person, so I can’t speak for the quality of the magnitude result photos. On the flip side, you will be able to edit the ferocity of the blurred background after the shot’s been taken.

Image: motorola

Motorola also says selfies should look really good from the 16 -megapixel front-facing camera which has been optimized for better low-light hits. Another “Selfie Panorama” mode will take three photos when you pan the selfie camera from left to right and then composite them together into wider single photo.

Even the application Motorola has built into the Moto X4 is pretty interesting. As AI and machine learning weave their style into telephones( I’m searching right at you Google Lens ), we’re going to see more manufacturers include intelligent aspects that help provide more context to the things its cameras see.

For example, the Moto X4 has built-in landmark and object acknowledgment software that will display information cards when you point the camera at constructs and objects.

Motorola told me it’s use a third-party cloud-based service for object recognition, but for landmarks, it’s utilizing its own software that draws in information from Wikipedia and TripIt.

The feature is currently limited to the 10 most popular ones from about 100 metropolis, but the program is to add more soon.

Alexa on your lock screen

You can still access Google Assistant( like with all other Android devices ), but if “youd prefer” Amazon’s Alexa, you are eligible to get that too.

On the Moto X4, the aspect is called Moto Alexa, and the digital assistant can be called up with voice commands from the lock screen. It can also presentation cards( just like in the app) unlike how it’s implemented on the HTC U11. It’s a nice alternative, but Alexa is still far behind the Google Assistant, at the least on mobile phones.

Welcome back

The Moto X was one of my favorite Android phones simply a couple of years ago. It’s been pain to watch as it’s been reduced to something that’s not a true-blue flagship machine anymore.

But I guess if you really crave the customizable alternatives, that’s what the Moto Z series and Moto Mods is for. So there’s still enough cool material from Motorola to fit everyone’s needs.

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