Manchester bombing was planned for months, Libya says – BBC News

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Image copyright GMP
Image caption New images released by police prove bomber Salman Abedi on CCTV in Manchester

The bomb attack in Manchester last-place month which killed 22 people was being planned since December, security officials in Libya have told the BBC.

Salman Abedi was being watched in Libya more than a few months before the attack.

Officials in Tripoli have complained about poor protection co-operation with the UK, which they say must be improved to prevent further attacks.

Abedi spent a quiet month with their own families in Tripoli before returning to Britain to carry out mass murder.

Libyan officials have told the BBC’s Orla Guerin that from the time of his arrival in the country he was under surveillance, along with two brothers Hashem and father Ramadan.

Image copyright Special Deterrence Force/ Libyan Interior Ministr
Image caption Hashem Abedi was under surveillance in Libya
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Image caption Images released after Greater Manchester Police testify a barrel which was stored under Salman Abedi’s car

It is unclear if that information was shared with the UK, our correspondent says.

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Hashem Abedi and Ramadan Abedi are still being interrogated – daily – by Libya’s Special Deterrence Force. Its spokesman Ahmed Ben Salem told the BBC the attack was being planned as far back as last December.

He said the force had important information about Abedi’s contacts in the UK and Libya.

But security officials in Libya say they have closer co-operation with the CIA than with London.

A general with the UN-backed government in Tripoli said they wanted better intellect sharing – as quickly as possible – to avoid another Manchester.

Abedi’s brother Hashem has admitted while in detention that they both joined the group known as Islamic State( IS) in 2015, a Libyan security official said.

It is difficult to discern if the information was render freely or under duress.

Libyan officials suppose Hashem Abedi bought constituents for the bomb while in the UK. He left the UK on the same day as his brother.

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Image caption Police in the UK are appealing for anyone who verified Salman Abedi( pictured) with his white Nissan Micra

Police in the UK meanwhile have said that Abedi working alone in his flat was likely to have constructed the machine that killed 22 people .

Officers said there was now a “deep understanding” of the terrorist’s movements in the weeks leading up to the attack at the Manchester Arena on 22 May.

The head of counter-terrorism said it was “less clear” whether he exclusively procured and stored all the materials or if others were “complicit”.

Early in the investigation, police said they could be looking for a “network” of people in matters relating to the two attacks, but most of those arrested have now been released.

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