Kevin Spacey Brings Stephen Colbert (And The Closet Jokes) To The Tonys

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Kevin Spacey might’ve been the 15th option to host the 71st Annual Tony Awards, but he was more than “re ready for” his close-up at the award appearance on Sunday night.

Paying tribute to each of the night’s nominated musicals, Spacey opened the Tonys with a show-stopping extravaganza about the feelings of has become a host in 2017. He likewise poked fun at the rumors about his sexual orientation as he delivered guests including Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg on stage.

The Oscar winner firstly showed wearing the signature blue-striped polo shirt from “Dear Evan Hansen” with “# host” decorated on his arm cast, joking about the show’s ratings-challenged history and the prospect of Twitter trolls.

Colbert then popped up in a groundhog headpiece, naturally, to spur Spacey, who belted out a number inspired by the musical adjustment of” Groundhog Day .”

Former Tonys host Whoopi Goldberg joined Spacey onstage next, triumphantly swinging open a wardrobe entrance to arousing clapping from the audience.

” How long have you been in that closet ?” Spacey asked.

” Well, Kevin, it depends on who you ask ,” Goldberg hit back with a telling glimpse.

After a tape-recorded content from Billy Crystal, who ribbed Spacey about his hosting qualifications, Spacey closed the number in stunning way by channeling Norma Desmond, brought to life by Glenn Close in this year’s” Sunset Boulevard .”

Dressed in an ornate garment and headpiece, Spacey sang,” I’m coming out — wait , no , no , no , no ,” before breaking out into a tap-dancing routine complete with canes and top hat.

Watch the entire opening number below.

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