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Keep your luggage secure with this keyless lock that’s on sale

Picture: AirBolt

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Everybody’s worst nightmare (besides being back in middle school) is losing their bag or worse, using something stolen by a checked bag. Travel locks are more popular than ever, however not all locks work well. In fact, many can be cut easily and there is always the chance you will lose the key.  

That’s why you need to invest in a lock that is actually helpful, such as the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock.

Contrary to other TSA-compliant locks, AirBolt works by syncing into your phone, so it’s possible to unlock and lock it using the push of a button having an iOS or Android device.  

Here are Only a few of its useful features:

Connected into an program

AirBolt’s lock is a traveler’s companion. It connects to a smartphone so it’s possible to unlock it using an app along with a Bluetooth connection. The place tracking means you will never lose track of your bag, and you may even get alarms to notify you in case your bag moves. If you forgot to tie an obnoxious ribbon on your bag and it looks like everyone else’s black bag, you may use the program to ping your bag.  

Extremely secure (however TSA-compliant)

You may even decide on a security PIN to prevent unauthorized access to your bag if your phone gets stolen. But it is not a bulky or overbearing device. In fact, AirBolt won the 2017 Good Design Award from Good Design Australia due to its aesthetic allure. Additionally, if you accidentally unlock it from your own phone, the AirBolt will re-lock itself if it is not removed. Welcome to the future.

Shared accessibility

If you’re traveling with friends or family, you can give everyone access to the program so that you will not be the only man managing the bag situation. If something smells fishy, it’s possible to also check the lock accessibility history inside the program.  

Durable and versatile

The AirBolt comes with a micro USB cable so that you can always make sure your lock is juiced up. It’s even weather-resistant if you’re an adventurous traveler who will throw their luggage around a whole lot. Plus, why restrict your AirBolt to travel? You may use it to lock up sensitive items around your house or office easily.  

If you’re interested in picking up an AirBolt Smart Travel Lock, they’re generally $79.95 — however we have them 31% off at the Mashable Shop right now for only $54.99.


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