Injuries Reported After Vehicle Hits Pedestrians In London

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  • One person has been arrested after a vehicle ran into pedestrians in north London early Monday .< li> Evidences say about 10 people may have been injured .< li> The occurrence arose near a Muslim community center following evening prayers for Ramadan .

    London’s Metropolitan Police reported a number of casualties early Monday when a vehicle crashed with pedestrians shortly after midnight local period, in what police have called a “major incident.”

    Authorities announce one person has been arrested in the Finsbury Park area of north London, and the city’s Ambulance Service supposed a “number of resources” had been sent to the scene.

    Witnesses told HuffPost UK that about 10 people were injured by the vehicle, although authorities have not yet shown the number of casualties.

    The incident occurred near the Muslim Welfare House, a community center down the road from several local mosques, according to the U.K.’s Muslim Council. The mosques had been maintaining evening prayers for the holy month of Ramadan.

    Authorities have not yet substantiated whether Monday’s incident was an accident or an attack.

    Cynthia Vanzella, the status of women who lives near the panorama, told CNN she heard the collision from her residence and went to a window to read people” desperately trying to stimulate some signs to a police car .”

    ” I determined a lot of people injured ,” she articulated.” They were helping on the pavement and trying to help them to get to the panorama .”

    ” The gentleman started straight-out down this route, people were just conversing, talking, just doing what we’re doing. And he just came into all of us ,” a witness told the Press Association.

    ” I was shocked, scandalized, scandalized ,” he added.” There were figures around me .”

    There was disarray and discouragement among eyewitness and bystanders in the aftermath of the incident. Anxious crowds gathered at police cordons surrounding the field to wait for news.

    A HuffPost UK reporter witnessed police incarcerating a second person several hours after the collision. Powers declined to comment on the same reasons for the arrest.

    The chair of Finsbury Park mosque, Mohammed Kozbar, described the accident as a” cowardly attempt” and said there were many injuries.

    Ritvik Carvalho/ Reuters
    Police are heard near Finsbury Park as British police say there are casualties after reports of vehicle colliding with pedestrians in North London.

    Prime Minster Theresa May has been informed of the incident, Reuters reported.

    ” This is a terrible occurrence ,” May said in a statement.” All my considers are with those who have been injured, their loved ones, and the emergency services on the panorama .”

    Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was ” totally scandalized .”” My thoughts are with those and the community had an impact on this awful occurrence ,” he said in a statement.

    Monday’s collision is the latest in a series of incidents in the country involving vehicles making pedestrians.

    In March, four people were killed and dozens were injured after a man drove his vehicle into a crowd on Westminster Bridge and then stabbed a police officer. In June, mortals driving a van plowed into pedestrians on London Bridge and then began stabbing people in a popular marketplace, killing eight.

    In both instances, the attackers were killed by police.

    This is a developing story and will be updated .

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