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In The New Year, I Hope You Learn To Walk Away


From the new year, I hope you learn to walk away from what is not meant to be yours.

I hope you learn to wave farewell to the things that do’t belong on your story, walking off with your head held high and your toes facing forward, stepping slowly but surely towards the things which were meant for you, the things you don’t have to drive so much but instead struggle for in a manner that keeps you feeling alive and not drained.

From the new year, I hope you learn to walk away from who is not good for you.

I hope you let them proceed with grace, dignity, and lightness, seeing their essence fade in the background of your life as your hands and your heart open better for you. I hope you learn to walk away from such people who treat you like an intermission instead of the primary event, while you show them the entrance door to your own life standing tall and proud.

From the new year, I hope you learn to walk away from the poisonous ideas you’ve held on your own.

I hope you learn to look at the individual from the mirror with the exact same love you’re giving everyone. I hope you learn to treat yourself with respect and kindness, forgetting about the folks.

From the new year, I hope you learn to wander away from expectations which you have no interest in fulfilling.

I hope you learn to reject. I hope you learn to dismiss the opinions of those who do not have your best interests in mind. I hope you learn to tune out the loop of culture’s ideas of what you need to be and what you ought to do and I hope you make up your mind about who you are, in your terms.

But first and foremost, in the new year, I hope you learn to run towards what lighting your heart on fire.

I hope you catch on the people who make this world is seen by you at a better, more favorable light. I hope you hold them and love them. I hope you let them do the exact same.

I trust you find artwork that make you feel glad to be alive, right here, right now and ideas and songs, so you were able to encounter them by existing at the right moment. I trust you find passion and I hope you find adventure where you least expect it.

I hope you let passion and hard work and kindness be your life’s guideposts. I hope you understand that by working hard, allowing passion pour, and spreading kindness you meet are a few of the most powerful and rebellious things you can do as an individual being.

But to do such things, you’ll need to drift away from your bullshit and adopt the unfamiliar. The unknown. The fall. You’ll should feel scared and lonely and unsteady. And also you’ll should trust that the pain and distress is really for the best.

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