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Honestly, If You Really Want SomethingSometimes You Have To Get It Yourself

Amber Asaly

I’ve heard that phrase for many, many years. Those words have been engrained in my mind and repeated so frequently that frankly, I had to look up them to determine if they had been attributed to a particular person, or just a frequent proverb we’ve ever learned to recite in the moments we need inspiration. (And to answer this question, the phrase was shared and rewritten thousands of times by individuals seeking to push themselves and others into actions, so I’m not certain if there even is an original writer)

However, the truth of the phrase remains:

Occasionally in life the only man that will make something happen for yourself is

You can wait for things to happen, you can hold your breath, so you can request assistance, you can wish and hope and hope aimlessly. Maybe you are a bystander in your own lifetime but that won’t get you everywhere. Patience while being passive is unworthy.

If you would like something to happen, you have to actively take action to achieve it, to reach it, to locate it, to pursue it, to obtain it.

You can’t simply cross your fingers, send thoughts up to God, or think it’ll happen without doing one thing. You can’t ask someone to make it happen for you. You can’t believe you’re eligible for what that your heart desires.

And that doesn’t mean that you step on other people to get exactly what you want. This doesn’t mean that you ignore someone’s wishes, or force them to sense something, believe something, or love you again. This doesn’t mean that you disregard boundaries, disrespect people, or place yourself first in each and every scenario. This doesn’t mean that you push things, or cause them to happen unnaturally.

What it means is that you go wildly in the direction of what motivates you, what feels right, what makes sense, while loving others and knowing that life doesn’t always go according to your timeline.

Since it’s substantially superior to take matters into your own hands then to just stand there, waiting for life to take place.

No, you won’t always get what you want if you want it. No, it is possible to’t bend God’s plan to fulfill yours. No, you won’t locate all of the answers instantly, or know exactly what you’do all of the time.

But if you truly want something, the very first step begins with you.

The first step begins with acknowledging the fact that fantasies won’t fall in your lap if you don’t do anything to accompany them. The first step begins with knowing that you won’t locate your forever person if you’re sitting alone in your bedroom wishing for them.

Which means you’ll take active steps in faith. Which means you’ll trust God, trust the universe, trust yourself enough to proceed and allow the ideal things come for you.

Which means you’ll quit feeling sorry for yourself and think that good things are coming. Which means you’re the only one who will control your spirit, your mind, your own joy–and for goodness sake, why don’t you opt to run in the direction of what exactly makes you happy?

If You Would like to inform someone you care, If You Would like to leave a project, If You Would like to have an embarrassing dialogue, If You’d like something to change,

Your life will stay the same if you really do nothing to change it.

So quit needing something without moving towards it. Quit praying without purpose. Stop standing still, trusting you’ll be directed to where you’re supposed to be. Quit waiting.

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