Ex-Trump campaign chair arraigned on trafficking, rape, tampering charges

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Timothy Nolan, the ex-chairman of President Donald Trump‘s Campbell County, Kentucky, campaign, is facing1 1 countings of sexuality accusations involvingnine victims, including rape, human trafficking of a minor, human trafficking of five adults, wrongful transaction of a minor, prostitution, and witness tampering.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer , Nolan, a former region judge in Northern Kentucky, was arrested in April on allegations of persuading a minor into illegal sex activity and committing alcohol to the minor. The accusations reportedly occurred in August, while the 70 -year-oldserved as Trump’s Campbell County campaign chair.

Nolan was elected to the district school board in November, but resigned after being indicted earlier this month.

At Nolan’sarraignment on Wednesday, May 10, hepleaded not guilty. His attorney, Margo Grubbs, however, argued that service charges were part of a political plot against hima have responded to a separate lawsuit that Nolan filed against other Republicans in Campbell County. According to the libel clothing, filed in June, other district Republicans written a photograph of a male wearing Ku Klux Klan robes on an internet site called GOPFacts.org and alleged the photo was Nolan, which he denies in the suit.

” I would call it a plot, Nolans lawyer articulated, according to the Enquirer . You read the contents and find out. Go to the website and look at what they done to him .”

Nolan’s next hearing is on July 7. If convicted on all counts, he could appearance more than 100 years in prison.

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