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Danny Mastersons Publicist Suggested A Woman Cant Be Raped By A Man Shes In A Relationship With

At an official phone call acquired by HuffPost, Jenni Weinman, the longtime publicist of actor Danny Masterson, implied to one of those four girls faking Masterson of rape that a female who’s in a relationship with a man can’t assert that man raped her. In that conversation, Weinman remained unfazed when presented with accusations that her client had mistreated girls while they were still unconscious.

Two of the women have told HuffPost that Weinman and a significant role played in covering up rsquo & Masterson. They state Weinman worked to cover up the allegations by clinging to silence them, cajoling and threatening.

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for allegedly raping four girls, have been exploring Masterson for a year. The girls, two of whom were in romantic relationships with Masterson in the time of the incidents, state that Masterson violently requested them later spiking their drinks, causing them to slide in and out of awareness. (Masterson’s attorney disputes that, saying that as a Scientologist, his client has a rigorous anti-drug policy.)

The investigation, which is being directed by one of the top prosecutors in the district attorney’s office, is significant in scope, but does not seem to have had some effect on rsquo & Masterson;s livelihood. Masterson is currently starring at a Netflix show, “The Ranch together with his former “This ’70s Show” co-star Ashton Kutcher. HuffPost it’s aware of the accusations but isn & rsquo has been told by Netflix.

Masterson has denied all allegations of rape and stated that the encounters in question were consensual.

In a statement, HuffPost: & ldquo; the law is respected by me was told by Weinman. I endanger people based on my work’s scope or wouldn’t ever cover up wrongdoing. As a publicist rsquo & it;s my job. As an outsider looking in I never saw anything but a relationship between Chrissie and Danny, with whom I maintained a cordial relationship once they broke up. That said, her claims after 16 years were shocking and surprising to say the least, coming. My conversation with any victim curiosity as to why now, it seemedso illogical and why they would wait, and came from a place of sincerity. ”

Weinman has been rsquo Masterson &;s publicist for nearly 20 decades. She also represents musician Travis Barker, actor Eric Balfour and Masterson’s brother and fellow actor Christopher Masterson,  as well as the anti-vaccination film “Trace Amounts,” which boosts the debunked conspiracy theory that a connection exists between vaccinations and autism.

Weinman was additionally recorded on one of the sufferer’s police reports as a witness. HuffPost acquired the sound from a source, also has conducted a weeks-long investigation into the accusations of rape against Masterson.

The phone call took place in October 2016, following one of those alleged victims, Chrissie Bixler, published a tweet that browse, “Because your boyfriend tells you it’s not rape if you’re in a relationship and then his church covers it up. #WhyWomenDontReport. ” This hashtag had lately gone viral after accusations of sexual misconduct were levied against then-presidential nominee Donald Trump, and girls were discussing stories of why they hadn’t reported their particular allegations to law enforcement.

Bixler says that he raped her at least two when she had been unconscious and dated Masterson for six decades. 1 morning in 2001, she says, she woke up with her bleeding in pain. When she asked he told her “We had intercourse. ” Based on Bixler, when she confronted Masterson about his callousness and stated she hadn’t capable to agree “Stop itre making me feel bad. ”

Bixler was a Scientologist in the time ― since Masterson was and is ― so she filed what’s known as a knowledge report. Among the policies of the Church of Scientology is that a Scientologist shouldn’t record a second Scientologist . (They’re also not permitted to sue fellow Scientologists.) Filing a police report could have directed the Church a suppressive person form of excommunication that could have demanded any Scientologist from her; to immediately & ldquo; rdquo & disconnect.

Bixler filed the knowledge report together with all the Church, but had been told by Church officials that what happened to her couldn’t even be considered rape because she had been in a relationship with Masterson. She says the Church repeatedly threatened her to remain silent, and that in 2002 it coerced her, under the danger of being declared a suppressive person, to sign an agreement releasing Masterson from any claims, including palimony.

Bixler told HuffPost it wasn’t before 2016, when she called the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network,  that she had been told what Masterson purportedly did to her was rape. When she realized that years of brainwashing had directed her to think a person couldn & rsquo, throughout that time, she undertook an official separation in the Church of Scientology;t even be intimidated by someone.

She sent another tweet that included a definition of rape from an online dictionary following Bixler posted her tweet together with the. She labeled Masterson in this tweet. That directed rsquo, Masterson & Marty Singer;s strong attorney, to send a letter that was threatening to rsquo & Bixler;s husband, the musician Cedric Bixler-Zavala, who had retweeted rsquo & Bixler. Her husband and Bixler then deleted their tweets.   Details of Singer’s correspondence had been first reported by the journalist Tony Ortega.

Following the now-deleted tweets, Bixler heard from the other alleged victim of Masterson’s whom HuffPost is calling Victim B. Together with the knowledge of the Los Angeles Police Department, Victim B known as Weinman, Masterson’s publicist, to talk both Bixler’s alleged rape and her very own.

From the sound of that call, Weinman remains unfazed as Victim B hinting that Masterson rapes girls when they’re unconscious. Weinman pushes back by saying that Masterson couldn & rsquo; t have raped Bixler since they had been in a relationship when they broke up, and that they & ldquo; fucked for a year. ”

In a phone interview, Bixler stated she slept with Masterson three times when they broke up, and also the concept that she had been sleeping with him for a year is “categorically false. ” Bixler says Weinman told her last year that she couldn’t consider what allegedly happened to her to be blessed, since she was in the moment at a relationship with Masterson. When HuffPost shared a transcript of Weinman’s remarks, Bixler said: “Hearing that validates what I’t always said, that the Church and Danny were dead-set on convincing me that I couldn’t have been raped since I had been in a relationship with him. ”

Within her police report, which was filed in 2004 and directed her to being shunned by the Church of Scientology, Victim B hinting that she repeatedly blacked out one day while she had been in a celebration at Masterson’s residence, and that she awakened to him raping her. She also alleges that her choked until she passed out through the rape.

From the sound accessed by HuffPost, Weinman mentions that Victim B was conscious when Weinman dropped her off at Masterson’s house the day in question. Victim B responds that she was conscious. (In her police record, she says Masterson gave her a drink shortly after she came that she thinks was spiked.)

Weinman goes on to state, “Thus I’m hoping to figure out what happened, since I don’t imagine you’d just go into somebody’s house and then get raped. ”

A standard fantasy of sexual assault and rape is that girls are raped in back alleys or dangerous places by men unknown to them. According to the Justice Department, 79 percent of victims are raped by acquaintances, friends that were close with.

A lawyer for Masterson denied that he has ever placed any drugs in somebodyrsquo;s drink, also stated that as a Scientologist, Masterson has a rigorous coverage for guests at his property and for himself.

Below is a partial transcript of this phone conversation between Weinman and Victim B.

Victim B: “I know Chrissie [Bixler] and I am sure she would talk. ”

Weinman: “Well, Chrissie was Danny’s girlfriend at the moment, so there’s actually nothing, there’s no story there. ”

Victim B: “He raped her. ”

Weinman: “They were boyfriend and girlfriend and they dated, and then they fucked for a year when they broke up, so that I don’t think that…”

Victim B: “He raped her when she was unconscious. That’s what he can, he rapes girls rsquo when they &;re unconscious. He has a sick…”

Weinman: “You weren’t unconscious when I dropped you off. ”

Victim B: “Very accurate, that is accurate, we agree on something. Very true. ”

Weinman: “Therefore I’m hoping to figure out what happened, since I don’t imagine you’d just go into somebody’s house and then get raped. ”

Victim B: “You want me to inform you about the worst thing that ever happened in my life? T care for me since I know you don & rsquo. ”

Weinman: “It’s not that I don’t care. That’s kind of rude. Like, I have children, and I’m a mom, and that I’m a woman ― needless to say I’m interested, which is the reason why I called you. When I didn’t I would have been like, whatever, have the people call you. You don’t even know me, so that’s nothing about me. ”

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