Army Golden Knights paratroopers go from teammates to married couple

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Love and passion for the flying through the skies led two skydivers to compete all over the world for your military. Eventually they took the largest jump of the own lives a leap of faith to union.  

Sergeant First Class Matt Davidson, a paratrooper for the Armys Golden Knights, Which Makes a living jumping out of planes.

Ive loved parachutes for as long as I can remember, Davidson told Fox News.

Because of him, the love of flying started before he could even walk.

Living at Ft. Devens, Massachusetts as a youngster, my parents recall, ‘paratoot’ being among the first words since I pointed up at canopies during military airborne operations, Davidson said.

Now, he and his team of seven, which includes his wife, Master Sergeant Jen Davidson, are preparing to get Augusts World Cup of Formation Skydiving in Saalouis, Germany.

We never take anything for granted because we never know exactly how much other teams have trained, Davidson said. We never underestimate anybody.

Jen joined the Army and deployed to Iraq for eight months Prior to trying to Find the Golden Knights.

I made it during tryouts, and went to the Gold demonstration team, where I managed to do demos to airshows and soccer games throughout the entire year, continue to skydive for enjoyment on my time, and receive a tunnel membership at Paraclete XP Indoor Skydiving here in Raeford, Jen said.

Now Jen is the latest member about the 8-way team. She started training with an all womens 4-way team in 2011 and worked her way up to her husband Matts team.

When I had been moved to the 4-way team, we worked more closely with, and traveled with the 8-way team, and that’s where I got to know Matt, Jen wrote in an email to Fox News. We got married in October 2013. Now we’re both about the 8-way team, and hopefully get to work together every day.

Matt says having Jen on the team has assembled a stronger bond between them and their teammates, but having two newest members on the team may change the dynamic.

For the last three years we’ve beaten all other teams by a large margin but this season we’ve 2 newer, relatively inexperienced 8-way flyers (Jen Davidson and David Flynn), Matt said. They’re both very talented flyers, they just don’t have the years of 8-way particular experience as the rest of us.


Jen and Matt say doing these contests are all about more than winning trophies.

I wish to place a face to the public and show them some of the military is capable of and hopefully provide that superiority that the remaining portion of the military is doing, ” Davidson said.


The Golden Knights started in their first form in 1959. Two years later the Department of Defense announced the Gold Knights Are the official United States Army Parachute Team.

Since 1962, the team has performed in over 16,000 shows in 50 states and 48 countries.

Terace Garnier is a Fox News multimedia reporter Located in Columbia, South Carolina. Follow her about twitter: @TeraceGarnier

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