Apple Watch Series 3 is a phone in watch clothing

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Let’s talk about the red-faced dot.

The hint of bright colouring on the Apple Watch Series 3 digital crown serves no function. It’s merely a bold reminder that this wearable doesn’t need your iPhone to do it occupation, thank you very much.

Apple describes the blood-red dot as a kind of aesthetic accent that announces to the world that this Apple Watch has its own LTE radio. With that and the built-in GPS, the Apple Watch Series 3 is self-sufficient, letting you go for a run and leave your telephone behind without are concerned about not being able to make and receive sees, get and send texts, and get turn-by-turn navigation guidance.

For some, this is a big deal. Apple’s small change basically transforms the Apple Watch into a tiny smartphone.

That red dot intends something.

Image: lili sams/ mashable

Think about it. The Apple Watch Series 3 can perform many of the same knowledge as your iPhone, including email, messaging, phone calls, maps and future directions, smart residence command, health and fitness tracking, climate, Find My Friends, gaming, access Siri, and much more. Obviously, you can’t take pictures, but there is an iPhone camera remote control so you can crack depicts on your iPhone via the watch.

Of course, most of that’s been true-blue since the first Apple Watch. I’ve been making and receiving calls through my Apple Watch for years; I simply can’t do it if my iPhone isn’t within a approximately 50 -foot radius of the Apple Watch. Perhaps that’s why I’m not over the moon about the Series 3’s LTE radio. Shaping phone calls from a tiny machine on my wrist has some entreaty, but, like many I know, I never, ever leave my phone behind.

I am not, though, a good representative for all Apple Watch wearers, especially those who regularly go for a pas or a swimming. Smugglers, swimmers, and those who “re going to the” gym on a regular basis are aware of the fact capacities necessary to is not simply leave their iPhone behind, but to strap on their Apple Watch Series 3, dive privilege into the swimming pool or ocean, swim a few laps, then pause to check their email, social media, or text messages.

The Apple Watch Series 3 and the new watchOS 4-powered Siri face.

Image: lili sams/ mashable

For owneds of the bigger “Plus” iPhones, the ability to leave behind their huge 5.5 -inch handset might be enough of a reason. Where does that telephone travel when you don’t have pockets and want to carry a tiny clutch bag? There’s ever chamber on your wrist for a machine like the Apple Watch Series 3, and with all the material and stripe alternatives, it’ll seem fashionable, too.

That connectivity, though, does not come cheap. While the 42 mm Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS starts at $ 359, adding LTE conjures the price to $429( for the 38 mm model, those prices are $329 and $399, respectively ). Plus, you still pay for any data you consume via the watch.

Some carriers, like Sprint, will be offering free Apple Watch Series 3 data service for the first three months. Sprint told me there is no activation fee and that, after the grace period, Apple Watch Series 3 patrons will pay $15 a month for unlimited data or $10 a few months with their auto-payment option.

Utterly familiar

From a intend view, and aside from the red-faced dot, the Apple Watch Series 3 gazes the same as the Series 2. It has the same touch and force-sensitive Retina display( 390 x 312 on the 42 mm, 340 x 272 on the 38 mm ). It’s likewise worth noting that the 42 mm stainless steel wearable I tested is the same size as the previous edition( 42.5 x 36.4 x 11.4 mm ). It’s heavier, but by less than a gram( 52.8 grams versus 52.4 g) and I promise you won’t notice the difference on your wrist.

Despite all the new technology, the Apple Watch hasn’t gotten thicker. It hasn’t gotten thinner, either.

Image: lili sams/ mashable

The heart rate sensor on the back of the Apple Watch Series 3.

Image: lili sams/ mashable

Pause for a moment to consider this: Apple added an LTE radio, one that surely eats room and strength, and managed to fit it inside the same-size Apple Watch chassis as before, while also maintaining 18 -hours of battery life( which was my experience ). It’s unlikely this would’ve been possible without re-engineering the bowels to some extent.

The Apple Watch, like the iPhone 8, has a new, more powerful processor — in this case the dual-core S3, which helps newly installed iPhone apps appear instantly on the watch. It also has the second generation of Apple’s W1 Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi chip called, unsurprisingly, W2. And Apple got around the space required to provide a physical SIM card by adding what’s called an eSIM( electronic SIM ). It even concealed the LTE antenna for the purposes of the display. That’s quite an engineering feat.

Obviously, Apple doesn’t leave the LTE radio on all the time. If you’re near your telephone, it switches to a Bluetooth connection to the phone. Alternatively, if you’re away from your telephone but within a trusted Wi-Fi network, the Apple Watch Series 3 will be implemented by that.

Make the call

Since I got the Apple Watch Series 3 before the carriers rolled out their support, Apple handed the watch to me pre-paired with an iPhone 8.

What I can tell you, though, is that pairing your Apple Watch and using it to stir calls won’t be a complicated process. On the phone, I determined one message telling me “Cellular is Ready”( along with an image of the Apple Watch ). Instead of a separate number for the phone and the watch, the carrier( in my suit, AT& T) applies NumberSync, which means bellows from my watch use the iPhone telephone number.

Making and receiving sees with the Apple Watch Series 3 is easy.

Image: Apple

Not every app is ready to work without the iPhone, though.

Image: APPLE

Naturally, as soon as I had a chance, I paired my AirPods with the Apple Watch Series 3( I opened the occurrence, placed them near the watch and reach connect when the message appeared on the screen ), to turn my iPhone 8, and punched in my wife’s number of the Apple Watch. She picked up, unaware that I was speaking to her through a wearable device.

The call was clear, as were others I made and received, some without the AirPods, throughout the week.

Watch OS4

Making phone calls with nothing but your watch is important, but it’s far from the Apple Watch Series 3’s most visible changes. Those come courtesy of watchOS 4.

Gone is the open app carousel, which rotated the apps side-to-side. You still access your open apps by pressing the button only below the Digital Crown, but now the open app cards flip vertically — you control them by rotating the digital crown and tap the screen to open your app of selection. At the bottom of the card is access to the classic app cluster, which you can also access by pressing the digital crown.

There’s a brand-new behavior to belief and manage your open watch apps.

Image: apple

But the app cluster is still available at the end.

Image: apple

In addition to updates like the introduction of the Apple News app and Apple Pay person-to-person payments( not live at the time or writing ), there are some cute and useful new watch faces like my own personal favorite, Toy Story, and the Siri face, which is a collection of things Siri thinks you might requirement at any right moment. My Siri watch face presented cards for climate, music, the stock market, a brand-new photo memory from a trip-up I took months ago, a reminder to breath, and my planned for tomorrow. You scroll through the horizontal cards applying the digital crown or your finger.

Siri works on the watch just as she does on the phone.

Image: apple

This Siri watch face brings together a collect of useful, timely cards full of information that they are able to scroll through with the digital crown and select with your finger.

Image: apple

Siri, which now lives all by herself on the watch, is ready to answer questions with text and lecture. The loudspeaker on the watch is not new, but Apple Watch Series 2 absence the processing power to let Siri use it. I can access Siri by hoisting my wrist and saying, “Hey Siri” and, even if my phone is off, she’ll show my schedule, a weather update, and sports ratings. There were some instances, like when I asked for a news update, that she proposed I open the phone to complete a web search.

WatchOS 4 likewise changes the workout app and how the device tracks your nerves rate in various categories of meaningful ways.

This is just one of the new workout alternatives in watchOS 4.

Image: apple

There is so much detail in the Heart app.

Image: apple

Had I done an Iron Man Triathlon, I could’ve tested each one of the Series 3’s differed workout-tracking knowledge, which include tracking indoor and outdoor marches, indoor and outdoor extends, outdoor cycling and indoor ellipticals, rowing, stair-stepping and pond or open-water swimming( it also deters trail of laps, even if you rest in between them ).

The heart-rate app likewise got a major upgrade, adding details like resting rate and median saunter rates. It can also keep watch for irregular nerve rhythm by looking at 10 -minute intervals. That heart analysis extends to recovery analysis during workouts, tracking how quickly your heart rate returns to a normal rhythm after a workout.

My workout

Even though there’s still no specific Apple app for tracking weight training, I did my usual strength-training workout( push-ups, curls, pull-ups, crunches) employing the brand-new High Intensity Interval Training( HIIT) workout decided, which tracks your calories burned, but cautions it may lose track of your heartbeat due to some of the workout’s irregular movements.

The Apple Watch Series 3 with watchOS 4 ways your heart rate during walkings, when you’re exert, and when you’re doing nothing.

Image: apple

Apple has added new workout options like High Intensity Interval Training, and upgraded the heart rate monitoring tools so I can see recuperation period, too.

Image: apple

Pausing the workout in between activities, I noticed that the app continued line of Active and Total Calories burned based on data from the accelerometer. I don’t know how accurately that racetracks, say, a curling bar arm curl. I imagine it varies depending on the weight.

The watch also tracked my heart rate, including the scope and average heart rate across my varied workout activities. It likewise showed me that it took about 3 minutes for my heart rate removed from the workout, dropping from 120 defeats per time to 92 BPM over the course of three minutes. The faster your recovery, the fitter you are.

I adore this new sports ensemble that they are able never amply slip out of the Apple Watch, shaping it easier to keep on your wrists, and adapt during workouts and swims.

Image: Lili Sams/ Mashable

The Apple Watch Series 3 also features a brand-new barometric sensor for tracking altitude, which once again frees it from the iPhone when the need starts for tracking your hill- and stair-climbing activity. Stairs climbed appear in the Activity Tracker and altitude climbed is captured at the end of your workout reporter. All military exercises data also gets shared to the iPhone-based Health app.

For me and my moderately more limited activities, I noticed the updated Activity Circle design, which does account for my practise done in the Workout app, and I specially liked what I can only describe as the “circle of fire” that appeared when I completed my treading activity.

The watch stands alone

Having built in data on the Apple Watch Series 3 means you can do the same data-centric sort of things, like streaming music, you generally do with your iPhone.

The Apple Watch has always had the ability to control music rivers playing on the phone and directly play chants stored on the watch’s 16 GB of storage( doubled that of the Series 2 watch ). But now I can stream music immediately from Apple Music service to the watch, bypassing the phone alone. Yes, I even signed up with Apple Music just so I could experiment this … merely to be informed about that the matter is aspect is coming soon.

I was also disappointed to find that there is no standalone Podcast app for the watch. That’s seems like an obvious oversight. Surely, I’m not the only person who might choose streaming WTF or I Was There, Too instead of music during a workout or a period at the beach.

The brand-new animated Toy Story watch face is a keeper.

Image: Apple/ Disney/ pixar

Notice the flashlight? It grows the screen all white.

Image: Apple

There are other nice touches, like the brand-new Flashlight on the control panel that will turn the screen bright white-hot so you can use it to find your space in the dark( there’s likewise a flashing lighting alternative, as well as an all-red screen) and all the countless reasons I like Apple Watch in the first place. I still like it for the notifications I can see at a glance, my iMessages, and the gentle tap I experience on my wrist, reminding me I have an appointment. I still adore how turn-by-turn navigation is furnished is super-simplified, glanceable form on the watch and that it, too, is accompanied by a gentle tap, reminding me it’s is high time to make a turn.

While other smartwatch corporations have tried different shapes, size, and thicknesses, Apple has remained coherent and captured a huge clod of the market( Apple claims the Apple Watch is both the No. 1 smartwatch — or any watch — in the world ). The Apple Watch Series 3 continues this trend with a consistent looking and increased strength and versatility. The ability to run, swimming, go or simply forget your telephone and remain amply connected could be a game-changer.

Yes, you can still try to navigate with the App cluster is you want.

Image: Lili Sams/ mashable

To realize what kind of wallop owning an LTE data-enabled smartwatch could induce on my life, I turned off my iPhone 8 and spent as much day as I could checking email, sending and checking texts, and hearing precisely which apps were ready for my phone-free life.

Apple told me that any app that was updated for Apple Watch Series 2 should work with the watch-supplied data. Some, like Siri( I asked about the capitol of Spain and got the right text and voice reaction, including a photograph of Madrid ), Weather, and CNN did, but others like Slack, AP news and Twitter made it clear that the still needed that phone connection.

Realistically, I is simply stare at that tiny screen for so long. That’s the most important reason the Apple Watch Series 3 will never fully supplant a phone, but with built-in LTE, it can do more on its own. Now Apple and app developers need to finish the vision.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Good

It can make and receive calls on its own * Still excellent layout * Data can power Siri and other apps * More Workout options than ever * Great battery life

The Bad

Price for LTE support is high * You’ll pay for data * Streaming music not ready * No podcast app

The Bottom Line

Apple’s smart upgrade to its popular wearable takes the Apple Watch to a brand-new degree of responsiveness and constant connectivity.

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