8 Outdated, Horrid Rituals Women Are Still Subjected To All Over The World

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Weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs, communions…they are all ritual practices we have grown used to.

Rituals are created by societies to establish a sense of community and oneness.

But not every ritual ends with a party and a cake. Even in 2016, there are still some cultures which continue to apply ancient Aztec practices — often at the cost, belittlement, and abuse of women.

Here are some of the most bizarre and horrific rituals performed on women to the day.

1. Force-feeding

Girls in Mauritania are predicted to be full-figured, therefore young women are force-fed a daily diet of 16,000 calories a day prior to their marriage. Young girls are overfed as children in preparation for this. Naturally, the practice comes with countless health problems down the line and can even lead to departure from burst stomachs.

2. Crying marriages

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At Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the Tujia people practice a strange Qing Dynasty tradition called “Zuo Tang” that compels brides to cry every night before their wedding for a complete month. After 10 days of crying alone, her mom is supposed to combine. Ten days after that, her grandmother. Shortly, aunts, female cousins, and sisters combine the cry-fest until the wedding day.

3. Female circumcision

Girls in the Sabiny tribe in Uganda have been made to have part of if not their ENTIRE clitoris removed as a sign of achieving womanhood. The procedure has a higher prospect of causing death by infection, but to Sabiny women, it’s all part of an elaborate evaluation to prove their devotion to their men.

4. Kidnapping

Certain sects of the Romani people — otherwise called Gypsies and mostly concentrated in Europe — think that if a man kidnaps a woman he enjoys for three to five days, he’s got every right to marry her.

5. Teeth chiseling

The women of the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra have their teeth filed into issues. This is believed to make them more appealing to men. The local shaman bangs away in the teeth with a knife; afterwards, they are chiseled into something resembling shark teeth.

6. Beatings

In areas of Brazil, it’s customary to beat women in the roads as some kind of evaluation for union. The woman is kidnapped and pulled naked into the town, where she is beaten by strangers until she moves out. This, of course, frequently contributes to death.

7. Forced tattoos

Tattoos are cool…unless you’re forced to receive one. That is what happens in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. When girls come of age, they are expected to get either their stomachs, breasts, or springs tattooed as a way to impress a mate.

8. Breast reduction

There are civilizations in Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Africa that press hot stones on young women’s breasts as a means to keep them from growing. Supposedly, the reasoning behind burning the flesh off the boob is indeed that the women don’t motivate men to rape them. This action is frequently commissioned by the woman’s parents.

While in most cases, these things just occur in extreme sects of certain civilizations, how the rituals are still done is disgusting. What’s worse, if the women speak out about these, they are perceived as betraying their own people.

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