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24 Life Changing Lessons Ive Learned In 24 Years

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1. Letting go of individuals, no matter how toxic they were to you, will remain hard.

2. Therapy would be worth the cost.

3. It doesn’t make you weak to be vulnerable.

4. It’s better to be single than to maintain a relationship where you feel.

5. No one has their own life. No one.

6. However much you love yourself, you may struggle on a few days.

7. Your emotional health is equally as important as your physical health.

8. No matter how much you love someone, they won’t reciprocate those feelings back to you.

9. Folks will disapoint you and they will be disapointed by you too.

10. It’s not too late to go after what you desire.

11. Life is too short NOT to buy that plane ticket.

12. Good friends are tough to locate, so continue to the ones you’ve got.

13. Being single can be just as fun.

14. Not everyone in this world will love or understand you. That’s fine.

15. You’re allowed to celebrate your achievements. It’s not bragging to be pleased with yourself.

16. Loving your defects will take time.

17. Rejection constantly hurts, but in addition, it makes you stronger.

18. Love is not easy to find, and even harder to keep.

19. Forgiving yourself is vital to living a more happy life.

20. Healing isn’t linear.

21. You’re loved more than you realize.

22. It isn’t feeble to request help. It’s brave.

23. You may continue to make errors. Don’t allow the mistakes shape you, make them make you stronger.

24. Live your own life for you — not for anybody else.  

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